Formatting Services

Services we offer:

At this time we do not format NON-FICTION books.

Send in your word, WordPerfect, RTF or other native text format to Please make sure to send in the absolute final file for your book. Once you receive the file back, any changes for typos will cost 1$ each.

Turnaround time: My standard turnaround time is two weeks from the day I receive the file. This is on a first come first served. If you require it faster than that, it may be possible, but there will be a rush fee assessed.

Under 20,000 words - $25.00
20,000 – 49,999 - $75.00
50,000 – 124,999 - $125.00
125,000 – 199,999 - $175.00
For novels over 200,000 words, please request a quote.

Prices include a .mobi (Amazon) and .ePub (Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and others) file. Additional fee of $10.00 applies for a SmashWords formatted ePub. All ePub files are validated for technical accuracy and compliance with Apple’s iBooks Store.

Please note: we do not offer Word-based SmashWords (MeatGrinder) files due to the low quality and unpredictable output produced.

Print-on-Demand (CreateSpace):

$50.00 for short stories/novellas (under 30k)
$100.00 for novels up to 125k words
For novels over 125k, please request a quote.
Word file, formatted for a printed book (what you see is what you get)

Rush Fees:
Flat fee of $40.00
Fancy Formatting: $50.00

Fancy formatting is adding images or making the first letter of each chapter large. Or you can have a special font for the first letter of every chapter. Here are some examples.

celtic band celtic banner

This fee is on top of the formatting fee.


Why doesn’t my eBook look exactly like my print book? Differences, benefits
Please don’t add page numbers, page headers or other elements. A file is best formatted if it comes in its "purest" form.

eBook formatting is the process of taking the raw text of your eBook and using code to make everything display in a way that is recognized by eReaders. Every formatting feature in your eBook is created using this code, which then translates to the layout seen on your eReading device.

Different ebook formats:

This is the Kindle format, readable on all forms of Kindle – PC app, Kindle device, Kindle Android reader.

This is the format supported on certain major readers: Sony reader, Nook, Apple iPad, and Kobo reader. If uploading directly to Apple, you need an .epub that passes Epubcheck.

Createspace PDF:
The Createspace format can be created in any program, as long as you can print or save to PDF. It is best to upload a PDF to Createspace.